Intuitive Energy & Empowerment Coach

I am a mother of 4, born and raised in Western Canada. I have always had a special 'knowing' and an admiration of mediums and fortune tellers.

As a child, I had many sixth sense experiences but was told others would think I was crazy, so I kept quiet and admired from afar. I would get excited when talk shows had mediums on and watched Practical Magic on repeat. While I watched in silence, I stifled my skills and began my life in the traditional working world. My connection to the Universe was always there; yet, I hid it until I couldn't hide it anymore.

After years in the workforce I knew that I had a bigger purpose and had to trust that the details would come when I was ready for them. So I began ICF coach training and jumped into my personal journey of self-discovery!

In doing so, I began appreciating my Intuitive and Clair-abilities.

While there are some people who know they have these abilities, EVERYONE can develop them to create a sense of connection to the life they are living.

I am here to help others find confidence and trust in who they are through developing their Power of Intuition and creating a personal Vision for their Life.

Empowerment Quotes

all by Brené Brown

“In a society that says, ‘Put yourself last,’ self-love and self-acceptance are revolutionary.”

"Let go of who you think you’re supposed to be and embrace who you are"

“Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we’ll ever do.”



Growing up; I was awkward, I was quirky, and I was strong-willed. 

I was born with an amazing sense of knowing things and energetically shifting a room and the people in it. It heightened my empath and intuitive senses.

Even though it was a big piece of who I was, I was also told that I was weird and should hide these magical pieces of myself. Those closest to me wanted me to fit in so I chose a 'normal' life.

Hiding my true self came many stresses. I began to believe the true me wasn't good enough. That I would only be desired if I fit in. Hiding the best parts of myself brought on depression and never fully believing in myself.

It was HARD, and I experienced a whirlwind of hardships along the way.

I have come to realize this was mostly because I was off my course. I needed to go back to my roots. To accept the true parts of myself and live unapologetically me!

I trained to be a certified coach so that I can encourage others' to shift toward happiness. Through the process I learned that I already held all of the knowledge to help others. It was already a piece of who I was.

... but my training provided valuable tools and techniques to help my clients find their Unstoppable Confidence.

... it taught me to recognize my super-powers and love my quirks. 

... it has helped me to accept, embrace, and heal myself.

Since that training ten years ago, I have worked with many clients who have put themselves first and shifted into happiness and balance in life, relationships, and business.

Yet, I love learning and am continually expanding my skills. 

It is all a part of approaching each day as a day to be UNSTOPPABLY ME. Prioritizing myself, my family, and my integrity.

If you're ready to break-free from the need to fit in and want to create a life that feels fulfilling, happy, and aligned; then I am ready to lead the way. 

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