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Welcome beautiful soul!

You are here because you desire a closer connection with yourself and your intuition.

You're in the right place if you have been noticing that you are too serious or "aren't fun anymore". Or you find yourself anxious, bored, uninterested. Perhaps you even call yourself "lazy" or "emotional".

This all stems from feeling overwhelmed and/or exhausted in life and wanting to believe that there is more to life.

There is more to life!

Your soul is signaling you that you are not on your path and that it is time to re-align. 

It might be showing up as:

  • not believing in yourself, feeling lost and yearning to find yourself.
  • feeling disconnected with friendships or your career.
  • an unexplainable feeling of sadness

... or even just a STRONG DESIRE to make a change!

If this sounds like you, it is time to become a woman who values her needs, creates life balance, and trusts her inner knowing to guide her.

What to Expect... When Being Coached/Mentored 

I am an intuitive soul who uses neuroscientific principles gained through ICF training. I combine it with energy healing and intuitive guidance based on the the best interest of my client, which can look a little different in each session.

This approach allows for fluidity and connection to the desired outcome.

If you are looking to learn how to shift your life and only want guidance, I will bring in my intuition.

If you are looking to shift your life and learn how to be intuitive, I will mentor you to find your inner knowing.

What to Expect... When In My Spaces

You will find everything has a logical and spiritual connection.

The free resources, trainings, and groups are designed to INSPIRE you to live a fuller life. They will bring some connection to the inner you and help to raise your energetic vibration so you can begin to notice INTUITIVE signs around you.

Paid programs, coaching, and groups are designed to teach and guide you. They will bring connection and development of your PURPOSE and INTUITON, with this connection bringing confidence, self-worth, and easy decision making. As a paying client or program participant, you receive a higher level of intuitive connection.

In all spaces - free and paid - you can expect elements of energy healing and guidance to help you have a fuller and more vibrant life.  


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With heart and intuition,ūüĒģTara Leske

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Women over 30 know they

need to take time for themselves but... 

after years of focusing on their partners and family they don't know how


They are feeling lost in who they are and how to begin finding themselves again. After many YEARS and even DECADES of tending to others, they are overwhelmed and exhausted.

You see, when they were young they had hopes and dreams for their 'perfect life'. A career. A family. The white picket fence. they were capable of reaching all of their dreams - and they knew it! 

Lessons from childhood impacted her future...

Those little girls were taught how to nurture others (and put others' needs above their own), how they were too emotional (and to make logical decisions, even if it doesn't feel right), and to stay quiet (as to not make anyone feel uncomfortable).

these lessons were known but they were still able to have a childhood. Their young life was filled with excitement and passion. Everything was fun and the whole world was at their fingertips. Their 20s had purpose to it. They were beginning adulthood on their own and were determined to have everything they had dreamed of.

then life happened

They found a career, relationship, and possibly had children. The people pleaser within began putting their needs to the side for the comfort of others. They began taking on more and more responsibilities and losing time to do things for themselves. 

Their days begin to fill with activities centered around their To-Do list and needs of their partners, kids, family, or friends. They were too busy to notice how they went from an independent youth to a  woman who is exhausted and doesn't have the time for self-care and their passions. 

But something changes as they get into their 30's. Sometimes this awakening starts with a big change; losing someone close, divorce, health concerns. Sometimes it comes from noticing that others are making time for themselves.

and one day they realize that

Life should be more than just the daily stuff ~  it is meant for living.

  • Self-care is¬†needed but they don't know how to commit the time to themselves.
  • Hobbies /¬†activities interest them, but are worried¬†how others will judge them for focusing on themselves.
  • Decisions are hard because they¬†have been putting others' needs first and need guidance.


Which is why it is MY MISSION to help women develop their vision and trust their intuition for

 a life with purpose  ~  confidence & self-worth  ~  easy decision making


Trust Your Decisions ~ Find Your Purpose ~ Live for Your Future Legacy

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