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My soul's purpose is to use my intuitive gifts to positively shift others into a life of empowerment, where they trust that they have infinite potential to reach their dreams and that they can do i in a fulfilling way. 

My Mission

My mission is to provide a nurturing space of empowerment to help my clients shift into a deeper connection to self, a trust of intuition, and a knowing that they have limitless potential in life and business.

Use Intuition to Live Your Purpose

The Empowerment Oasis is designed to develop your intuition and empower your inner wisdom through a safe, serene and nurturing space.

A place where you will shift into confidence, care for yourself, and trust that you have infinite possibilities to reach your dreams.

Empowered Personal Growth in a Nurturing Environment

Many empowerment programs are designed by men with a masculine energy pushing for results, which can create short term results.

However, in the Empowerment Oasis we recognize the value of adding in the feminine nurturing element. It supports long-term transformation by developing the mindset and skills that help now and take us into the future. 

Our programs may contain empowerment coaching, self-care practices, and resources for personal growth. We aim to provide a calming and uplifting experience that leaves you feeling renewed and empowered.


Develop your intuition, confidence, and inspired action for a fulfilled life.

These programs and resources will help you step into your authentic self and create the lifestyle and work environment that you desire.

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